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COURSE - 1; "EBUS" COURSE - 2; "Medical Thoracoscopy" COURSE - 3; "Endobronchial treatments"

Chairing: Heinrich Becker (Germany), Ergun Tozkoparan (Turkey)
09:00 History- What is EBUS? How was it developed?
Heinrich Becker (Germany)
09:20 Types, differences and technical aspects
Ergun Tozkoparan (Turkey)
09:40 When conventional TBNA, when EBUS-TBNA?  Is each institution that rich?
Semra Bilaceroglu (Turkey)
10:00 Radial EBUS: indications, limitations
Noriaki Kurimoto (Japan)
10:20-10:50 Coffee Break
10:50 Convex EBUS: indications, limitations
Heinrich Becker (Germany)
11:10 Should EUS be combined with EBUS? Complete mediastinal staging?
Kazuhiro Yasufuku (Canada)
11:30 EBUS in granulomatous diseases- When to use EBUS?
Rosa Cordovilla (Spain)
11:50 EBUS in mediastinal tumors- Can we really make a diagnosis?
Ralph Eberhardt (Germany)
12:10 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-17:00 Hands-on
Coordinators: Kazuhiro Yasufuku (Canada), Ralph Eberhardt (Germany), Noriaki Kurimoto (Japan)
  Conventional TBNA
Rocco Trisolini (Italy), Elif Küpeli (Turkey), Rosa Cordovilla (Spain)
  Convex  EBUS
Kazuhiro Yasufuku (Canada), Ralph Eberhardt (Germany), Semra Bilaceroglu (Turkey)
  Radial EBUS
Noriaki Kurimoto (Japan), Sinem Sökücü (Turkey), Ergun Tozkoparan (Turkey)

Chairing Philippe Astoul (France), Muzaffer Metintas (Turkey)
09:00 History: From where to where?
Julius Janssen (The Netherlands)
09:20 Instruments and equipment
Ales Rozman (Slovenia)
09:40 Patient selection, indications and preparation
Ales Rozman (Slovenia)
10:00 Malignant pleural effusion
Philippe Astoul (France)
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40 Empyema
Muzaffer Metintas (Turkey)
11:00 Pneumothorax
Julius Janssen (The Netherlands)
11:20 Thoracoscopic appearances: differences, similarities
Marios Froudorakis (Greece)
11:40 Postprocedure and follow-up
Marios Froudorakis (Greece)
12:00 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-17:00 Hands-on
Coordinators: Philippe Astoul (France), Julius Janssen (The Netherlands), Muzaffer Metintas (Turkey)
  Marios Froudorakis (Greece)
Ales Rozman (Slovenia)
Muzaffer Metintas (Turkey)

Chairing: Herve Dutau (France), Levent Dalar (Turkey)
09:00 Interventional bronchoscopy unit- Is all necessary?
Syed Arshad Husain (UK)
09:20 Interventional bronchoscopy- Which patient, which disease and which instrument?
Lina Zuccatosta (Italy)
09:40 Tips and hints for successful treatment of airway obstruction
Herve Dutau (France)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30  Diagnostic and therapeutic approach to benign tumors
Levent Dalar (Turkey)
10:50 Diagnostic and therapeutic approach to carcinoids
Jean Michel Vergnon (France)
11:10 Complications and solutions
Lina Zuccatosta (Italy)
11:30 History: From Killian to Dumon, from Dumon to today
Heinrich Becker (Germany)
11:50 Discussion
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-17:00 Hands-on
Coordinators: Herve Dutau, Levent Dalar (Turkey)
  Herve Dutau (France), Levent Dalar  (Turkey) (stents, rigid bronchoscopy)
  Syed Arshad Husain (UK), Lina Zuccatosta (Italy) (electrocautery, cryotherapy)